“A lie never becomes the truth because everyone believes it. Neither does the truth become a lie because no one believes it” – Indira Ghandi.

“The height of stupidity is doing the same thing over again and expecting a different result” – Albert Einstein.

“Science is nothing but organised common sense” – Thomas Huxley.

When it’s not about the truth but about us then we have a problem.

Nature is extremely complex, but also very simple to understand. Both, the problem and the solution, lie with our ego.

In nature one plus one does not equal two. Studying detail can lead to confusion.
Rather observe and understand the whole.

Learning more about less can lead to knowing everything about nothing.

The biggest danger to cattle breeding is a “scientist” with a scale, tape measure and computer.

When we substitute our God given powers of observation for figures we have a problem.

In “modern scientific breeding” (conventional performance testing) we are attempting to change cattle (ruminants) into inefficient pigs. At best, we are producing cattle that require improved nutrition (selective grazing; feed out of a bag) in order to be “productive”.

It is the height of ignorance and arrogance to blindly believe that Stud cattle are superior to Village cattle.

Cattle have a dual role. They have to efficiently convert grass into beef and they have to improve the land on which they graze.

The only appropriate role a breeder has is to accelerate natural selection.