Price Taker, Maker or Manipulator?

As far as I see it none of us are Price Makers.  The one who pays us makes the price. We can be Price Takers (accept the going price) or we can be Price Manipulators (influence the end price and decrease the cost).

Price Manipulation:

  1. Increase stocking rate (grow more grass).
  2. Increase Harvest Efficiency (Non-Selective Grazing).
  3. Increase Grass Conversion Efficiency (Fertility; Maturity Rate).
  4. Production in sync with naturally occurring nutrition.
  5. Increase Relative Intake (grazing management; rumen supplementation).
  6. Increase the value of the end product (seasonal price variation; cheap weight gain; genetic; consumer value).

It is far better to concentrate on improving biological efficiency than on depending on a high end price.  I would much rather pay a man induced penalty for producing a low cost product than paying a biological penalty for producing a product considered undesirable by man.  The best we can do is produce a low cost product and add as much value as possible.