Best translation: “Goat droppings will never turn into nuggets of gold”.

On the right is the calving record of the dam of a pedigree bull given the nod by “experts” for sale at an Elite Bull Sale. As you can see she dropped her 1st calf at the age of 65 months (5 years and 5 months) and produced 5 calves over 13 years. Surely by any logical standards this is a very poor cow (“goat droppings”) and not a gem (“nugget of gold”) as being portrayed.

Let’s leave the fantasy world of Stud Breeding and identify the real gems.  In the picture on the right, the cow on the left calved at 2 plus 3 years.  The cow on the right calved at 3 plus 5 years under the same conditions. We just need to use common sense to identify the the gems that can be found in all (or most) herds.

No amount of window dressing will change a “bokdrol” into a “rosyntjie”.