Similar to other addictions, there are serious consequences. In the case of cattle they are the following:

  • Late sexual maturity and poor fertility due to a hormonal imbalance and poor inherent body condition.
  • Poor grass conversion efficiency due to a low relative intake.
  • Low profitabity due to an increase in feed costs and low stocking rate (need for selective grazing) resulting in a very low return on capital investment.

The breeder of the below bulls is in a dilemma. The bull on the left has a smaller frame than the one on the right, but has the same weight.

Pictured below at the top is the smaller frame bull and at the bottom is the larger frame bull. It is very obvious that the small frame bull is a much fuller package (more grass efficient; higher inherent body condition) and sexually earlier maturing.

The dilemma in the breeders mind is that bull buyers have been so indoctrinated by “experts” that the large frame bull is superior and the small frame bull inferior that he has no market for what he knows is the better bull.
The best option for this breeder is to extensively use (AI) the bull no one else is interested in and do his best to rehabilitate the addicts.