I have made it clear on many occasions that the selection criteria being used by the Bonsmara Society (in particular Phase C growth and FCE) and now being followed by other breeds is NEGATIVE:

  1. Growth and feed efficiency as measured in the Phase C test is negatively correlated to Inherent Body Condition.
  2. A major determinant of cow fertility is body condition.  The ICP for the daughters of the “best” performing bulls (Gold Merit) is 19 days LONGER than those of the “poorest” (Sub-Merit) bulls.  This a 5 pc difference in calving rate in favour of the worst performing bulls.  We can only imagine how fertile the daughters of the slaughtered bulls could be.
  3. If fertility is the most important trait required by cattle, why entertain an expensive test that is, at the least, not conducive to higher fertility?
  4. The person who is going to address the issue of whether a Phace C test is appropriate is the same person who, with encouragement from Prof. Jan Bonsma, initiated the test.  I quote him: “In order for cattle to compete with pigs and chickens in converting grain to meat we need to select for Phase C FCE”. In other words he is the mastermind in making an inefficient “pig” pit of a ruminant.
  5. The truth is very simple to understand UNLESS ignorance is fueled by arrogance in order to inflate “important” egos.