There is no universally superior or inferior breed. It all boils down to relative intake.
Every environment dictates a specific genotype.

Man is either the problem or the solution when it comes to having the genotype required by a specific environment. In order for breeders to be aligned to the environment the following steps need to be followed:

  • Select the appropriate breeds / genotypes as a base.
  • Select the appropriate individuals within those breeds / genotypes.
  • The breed / genotype combinations need to be complementary. The majority of any hybrid vigour that is generated will be maintained and should be considered a bonus.
  • Select within a “closed” herd:
  • *Maturity Rate
  • *Practical Fertility
  • *Optimum Milk
  • *Meat:Bone ratio
  • *Easy-Care

In order for breeders to be creative they have unshackle themselves from breed propaganda and modern day witch doctors.
Accelerate natural selection.