What was true yesterday is true today and will still be true tomorrow.
What changes is our perception of the truth.

Pictured above is a Society approved Bonsmara AI bull of the early 1980s. This bull was chosen for breed “improvement” largely on the basis of his performance in a Phase C feedlot test where he excelled in growth and feed conversion efficiency. In other words he was selected to be “lean and efficient” with feedlot requirements in mind.

Anyone with common sense and some understanding of the modifying effect of hormones on performance and morphology should have seen that this is an extremely poor bull.

Pictured above: a magnificent “modern” (a description referred to by the owner) Bonsmara bull.

The above two bulls are indicative of the battle raging in the minds of Bonsmara (and other) breeders. The one group (mainly academic advisors and their ill informed followers) believe selection must focus on absolute performance figures read from a computer programme. The result is what is shown in the top photo. Another group of real cattlemen with strong powers of observation such as Gerrit van Zyl and Arthur de Villiers realise that there is something fundamentally wrong with using absolute performance figures. They are able to “read” something very different from observing Nature.

If the above “pony type” bull (anathema to most Bonsmara breeders, including the late Jan Bonsma) with “poor” absolute performance figures is indicative of the “modern” Bonsmara then the perceived truth is aligning with the real truth.

I find it very intriguing that reference is being made to the “modern” Bonsmara. Is this admission that many of the principles upon which the Bonsmara was developed are false ?

I see that many breeders are in “two minds”. There is a battle between the sub-conscious (truth) and conscious (“truth”) minds.
Let’s hope the truth prevails.