The above photos epitomise overall adaptation and health.  How can we see that? The shiny coat tells us everything:

  1. Healthy immune system.
  2. Body condition / nutritional adaptation.
  3. Healthy endocrine system.

All of the above is the result nutritional adaptation resulting from:

  1. Small frame.
  2. Climatic adaptation.
  3. Parasite / Disease resistance.
  4. Voracious appetite.

The photos are from very different environments (Wessel Zietsman, Zimbabwe; Charlie Wilson, Eastern Cape highland sourveld in South Africa), but with a similar genotype – both animals have a high proportion of African breed blood.

I believe coat is the most important characteristic indicating overall adaptation and health. A lack of shiny summer coats on many animals in the USA indicates to me there is a problem with overall adaptation / inherent body condition. This can be rectified easily by incorporating appropriate African breed blood.