Ol Pejeta Consevancy in Kenya 🇰🇪 is a pioneer in wildlife,cattle,and tourism.
Imagine running cattle on a property that is also home to 70 lions hyena and of course the elephant rhino etc.
The game love the short grass left behind the cattle and the portable night bomas leave manure which star grass thrives on.

Diversity of all life is essential.
We are unique in Africa when it comes to mammal diversity.
We must integrate livestock and wildlife.
Cattle ranchers need to incorporate wildlife.
Game ranchers MUST incorporate cattle in order to improve the ecosystem processes.

“Ol Pejeta grazing policy is that the Boran herd is used as a tool in the Conservancy to maintain quality grazing conditions for all animals, wildlife included.”

Lion proof kraal that is put up each night after grazing 7,000 cattle, moving them across the land