A POLITICIAN tells you what you WANT (a LIE) to hear.
A LEADER tells you what you NEED (the TRUTH) to hear.

The above photo illustrates the management (foreground) required to achieve maximum grass productivity (background):

    1. Non-selective grazing
  1. Most physical disturbance with the most animals on the smallest piece of land for the shortest time.
  2. Recovery time has to cater for both grass vigor AND animal nutrition.

The below photo illustrates the cattle genotype required for efficient grass harvesting and efficient grass conversion:

  1. High Relative Intake as determined by small frame, climatic adaptation, disease and parasite resistance as well as an aggressive grazing behaviour.
  2. The use of politically incorrect breeds and colours.

The statement has always been made that we should produce what the “consumer wants”.

What if the consumer is “politically correct” and considers that non-selective grazing and high Animal Impact are bad for the environment?
What if the consumer is lead to believe that rumen supplements (urea) are bad?
What if the consumer is brainwashed into believing that lean is good and fat is bad?

We need to be LEADERS and not POLITICIANS.  We need to tell consumers the TRUTH and not LIES.