How serious are we about maximum sustainable profit ?

All of us who subscribe to regenerative agriculture values can understand that:

  1. Cattle have a dual role – improve the land and efficiently convert veld (pasture) into beef.
  2. Stocking Rate is by far the most important determinant of profit.
  3. The most important trait required is Practical Fertility (Inherent Body Condition and Hormonal Balance).  The only other important (foundational) traits are Optimum Milk, Meat: Bone Ratio and Easy-Care.
  4. The most Grass Efficient cattle are in front of our eyes and not waiting to be bred by Stud (Seedstock) breeders in collaboration with “scientists”.

and know how to:

  1. Grow more grass and harvest it efficiently.
  2. Breed efficient grass converters.

Discussion is GOOD if it revolves around the “how to” rather than just banter.
Discussion is GOOD if it encourages ACTION.
Discussion is GOOD if it challenges our beliefs.

Let us “take the bull by the horns”.  Let us challenge beliefs and physical boundaries. We need to make mistakes if we are prepared to learn from them.  The biggest mistake is not to make a mistake.  However, do not keep making the same mistake.