“If an idea, at first, is not ABSURD there is no hope for it” – Albert Einstein.

The above photo is of Bosbul (Village bull) sired heifer belonging to my brother, Wessel, due to calve at 18 months of age.
The below photos are of a Composite (Mashona / Angus) cow (3rd calf since 22 months of age) and her current calf bred by John Haymaker of Oklahoma.

According to current thinking it is ABSURD to use bulls with no performance figures (particularly one rescued from slaughter) or to use an “unimproved” African breed to improve the highly “improved” American Angus (considered the best beef breed in the world). For me the question is not whether we need better genotypes for these respective environments, but how to speedily multiply them.

The more ABSURD we can be the better:

  1. Profit / unit of land and not Production / animal.
  2. There is no need for “science”.  There is need for common sense.
  3. The genotype we need is staring us all in the face. We only need to identify and multiply them.
  4. We need MORE “unimproved” cattle to save the planet.