The magnificent Veldmaster bull pictured above and bred by Cas Breedt of South Africa is not the result of complicated “modern scientific” breeding.  Nowhere did magical blood combinations (3/8 of this and 5/8 of that), EPDs, Genomics and blood cleansing rituals (F1 to F4 / SP) feature.

Science in the true sense of the word (“organised common sense”) was applied:

  1. An acceptance that environment dictates genotype.  Every environment requires a specific genotype.
  2. Depending on environment, specific breed combinations will result in the most productive genotype.
  3. There is so much variation within a breed that it is imperative to identify the the best individuals.
  4. Once the desired combination (breeds; individuals) is attained (possibly the first cross) the herd is “closed” and natural selection accelerated.  This entails “reading” Nature correctly (genetically discerning selection criteria) and accelerating the process (AI; Two-year calving).
  5. The genetically discerning selection criteria emphasised were Corrected ICP (cow fertility) and Full Package / 12 Month Maturity (Bulls).  This results in a positive genetic correlation with ALL other important traits.

What Cas achieved so simply is something too difficult for conventional “science”.