Man’s ego and arrogance are to blame for the trivialisation, perversion and complication of genetics.

There are four breeding and management principles around which success in cattle production is determined – genotype, grazing management, rumen function and production in sync with nutrition cycles. Implementing the last three principles will make a very big difference in sustainable profitability, but there is a cost involved. However, changing to an appropriate genotype results in a massive increase in profitability at no extra cost due to improved grass conversion efficiency.
Very few appreciate the importance of genotype.

Trivialisation of genetics

Perversion of true genetic value

Complicating genetics to the point of irrelevance

The importance of genotype can not be over emphasised. A casual visual appraisal of the below two bulls should indicate which is the best bull.

No need for complicated figures or analysis of detail! The genotype represented by the bottom bull will double profit relative to that represented by the top bull.