After grazing

Before grazing. 6 weeks later the pasture will look like above. No fertiliser needed.

What is the BIGGEST breakthrough in terms of RESOURCE MANAGEMENT ?

My answer, without any doubt, would be:  Ultra High Density Grazing.

The principles involved as well as the consequences have forced us to look at our relationship with Nature through different eyes:

  1. Soil health is critical for life.
  2. Livestock are critical for soil management.
  3. The appropriate genotype is determined by environment and not man.
  4. At the micro level genetic diversity needs to be small.  At the macro level genetic diversity needs to be high.
  5. Diversity of life needs to be extremely high.
  6. In terms of breeding and management we have to concern ourselves more with the bigger picture and less with detail.
  7. LEARNING comes from OBSERVING.