The problem arises when we worry about what our friends and neighbours are going to say or what the “experts” will think. We have many excuses, such as:

  • If I don’t register my cattle with a Breed Society who is going to buy my bulls? They will be regarded as “Bosbulle”.
  • If I calve my cows on green grass and wean the calves at four months of age my weaning weights will be too low. What will the Breed Inspectors say?
  • If I breed my heifers as yearlings only a small percentage will conceive under my conditions. This will reflect negatively on my herd’s fertility.
  • If I allow my bulls to breed as yearlings this will have a negative effect on their subsequent growth.
  • If I use African breeds then there is a chance that some of my cattle will not be a solid red colour. The problem is that I can not use such animals for breeding even if they are the most productive.
  • I accept that my cattle are too big and that the smaller frame genotypes are far more veld productive. I think going for medium frame is best. If I go for small frame they may be more productive, but who is going to buy my weaners?

The above cow had her fourth calf at the age of 4 years. “That is abnormal. I can not breed such freaks. What will my friends say?”

The cow pictured above here calved at 18 months and is pregnant for her 2nd calf at 30 months.
“The problem is she only weighed 247 kg at calving and her calf only weighs 105 kg at 4 months of age.” “This is ridiculous. I’ll eventually end up with goats.”

“Despite the undoubted productivity of the above animals I can not use them. The feedlots don’t like the colour.”

“Just imagine what my neighbours would say if I had bulls like this”

Let’s stop making excuses and defending lies.
Let’s do the right thing regardless of what anyone else might think.