Pedigree upgrading is nothing but a “blood cleansing” exercise whereby Nature’s gems are substituted by man’s freaks.
Modern “scientific” selection results in artificial genotypes that require expensive inputs in order to be “productive”.

The genotypes that will allow us to achieve maximum sustainable (ecologic and economic) profitability are staring us in the face. We only need to look through different eyes.

(Photo courtesy of Wessel Zietsman)

The unassuming cow pictured above (no documented pedigree, fancy name or library of performance figures) has produced 7 calves over a period of 6 years. True to her genetic nature, as determined by Nature, her female progeny are following in her footsteps by calving annually from a very young age on sourveld (low octane grazing).

The above cow’s first calf produced her first calf at 18 months of age. Here she is, pictured below, with her 3rd calf that was born when she was 42 months old.

The below two cows are also progeny of the Boskoei (Nondescript cow).
Here they are pictured as pregnant 2 + 3 cows, ready to deliver their 3rd calf at the age of 4 years.

So much for conventional stud breeding and “scientific” selection.

We only need to “read” Nature correctly and accelerate the process of natural selection.