A tuft of Panicum Maximum

A small plot of maize

The human mind is an ENIGMA.  Our thoughts are either constructive or obstructive; creative or destructive.

I believe we have enough knowledge to achieve MUCH more than we are currently achieving.  I am not talking about what we are achieving relative to conventional management. I am referring to the potential.

The above two photos have got me thinking a lot. The left hand photo is of a tuft of Panicum maximum growing with no added fertility. What is the potential carrying capacity when combined with leguminous trees and forbes – 10 animals / ha ?  More ?

The right hand photo is a small plot of maize planted by hand with a precise plant population together with precision applications of lime and manure.  The yield obtained solely under rain is 18 t / ha.  Commercially it would be an achievement to obtain 9 t / ha.

The question I ask is :  What is holding us back from achieving this astronomic productivity is all fields of farming ?