“In order for the beef industry to compete with the pork and poultry industries more emphasis should be placed on Feed Conversion Efficiency” – leading South African Animal Scientist (Bonsmara 2008, p. 33).

There are two important issues to consider:

  1. The Feed Conversion Efficiency referred to is measured as feed intake / liveweight gain. A mathematically incorrect and biologically inappropriate measurement leading to the selection of lean and “efficient” genotypes.
  2. What should we think of someone who advocates genetically modifying an efficient grass converting ruminant into an inefficient “pig” ?

Pictured below are five examples of the genotype that results from “scientists” selecting for absolute growth and feed efficiency – changing an efficient grass converter into an inefficient “pig”.

Pictured below are examples of efficient grass converters – all representing full packages.


“Scientists” have become so focused on detail that they have lost sight of the bigger picture. The figures they use are their downfall.
Let’s rather look at the bigger picture as reflected in the fullness of the package before us. The fuller the package the better the individual in terms of grass conversion efficiency. This will also be positively correlated to inherent body condition and practical fertility.

We are far better off relying on our instincts and common sense sharpened by observation as opposed to following the advice of “experts”.